Southern Province Cement Company

The Southern Region Cement Company is a Saudi joint stock company established by Royal Decree M / 3 and dated 2/12 / 1398H, and its main headquarters is the city of Abha, with a capital of 1.400,000,000 riyals and the number of shares 140,000,000 shares, and the company is one of the largest companies Cement industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where it has three factories in each of Jizan – Bisha – Tuhama, with a total production capacity of (32,000) tons per day, and the company’s production covers the needs of the southern regions and part of the western region.

The Saudi Arabian Refineries Company contributes to this company in the amount of six million riyals (6,000,000 riyals), with the number of one hundred and twenty thousand six hundred and sixty-six shares (120,666 shares).