Chairman’s Message

     Since the founding of the company in 1379 AH – 1960 AD, it has been committed to  taking  advantage of the opportunities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as the Kingdom is the largest economy in the Middle East and enjoys wide economic diversity, and this is what motivates us, and the blessings of God, to work on development and innovation to seize the best opportunities for the benefit of the company.
     Also, the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 is a unique stage for the future in all its dimensions, and it is undoubtedly comprehensive that fulfills the aspirations of the people of this generous country, and charts a path to a bright future. It also comes as a vision to enhance the opportunities granted to the private sector in order to start a new technology of investment and expansion. More in the investment business sector.
     Our concept of leadership goes beyond the scope of work and profitability, and extends to our tireless endeavor to be a strong, non-magazine-based company that is effectively active in meeting the requirements of the society in which we work, and its safety through global development work, with all vitality and ability.

God grants success.                             

Chairman of the Board                      

Dr.Eng/ Obaid Al Subaie