Shareholders’ rights

The shareholder has the right :

1- To receive a share of the net profits to be distributed.

2- To receive a share of the Company’s assets upon liquidation.

3- To attend the general assemblies of shareholders, participate in its deliberations, and vote on its decisions.

4- The freedom to dispose of the shares they own.

5- To monitor the work of the Board Directors and to bring the claim of responsibility to the members of the Board.

6- Inquiring and requesting information, in a way that does not harm the interests of the company, and does not conflict with the financial market system and its executive regulations.

Shareholders’ obligations

The shareholder holding shares in the Company shall be accept the Company’s Bylaws of Association and its compliance with resolutions issued by the General Assembly in accordance with the provisions of this Law, whether present or absent, and whether or not it approves or approves these resolutions.